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Ysgol Gynradd Pontiets entertain the miners

Ysgol Gynradd Pontiets entertain the miners

Check out the video we made of the 80th birthday celebrations at the Pontyates Miner’s Welfare Hall.

The hall opened on 5/2/1938 and there was apparently a chair shortage. Documents on view included one, which said:

Messrs. Davies, Chairs Ltd were not able to deliver 450 chairs by the opening Ceremony. The Committee was very dissatisfied at this. And chairs had to be hired from Llanelli Market Hall.

The rules for the hall were very specific to the time and one would imagine that some may not still apply today, e.g.

Rule 8. No common prostitute, known thief or notoriously disorderly person or persons, in a state of intoxication shall be admitted into or permitted to remain in any Theatre. Any such person, or any person found smoking or using profane language, or guilty of any misbehaviour, whatver whereby annoyance or discomfort is caused to other persons then being in the building shall be forthwith removed therefrom by the Manager, his servants, or a constable, and not be permitted to re-enter during that day.

Rule 14. No person shall throw or leave orange peel or banana peel or other dangerous substance on the floor of the building. 

The children of Ysgol Gynradd Pontiets were on fine form singing for the former miners, their wives miner’s widows.

Special guests included the Chairman of Carmarthenshire county council Irfon Jones, The General Secretary of the NUM Wayne Thomas and the South Wales Regional Manager of CISWO Andrew Morse.

More events are planned at the hall in the coming months.

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