Sunday, April 2, 2023
You’ve got a friend

You’ve got a friend

Our good friend: Rev David Jones

Thought for the week – Reverend David Jones of Greenfield Chapel

You would hardly think that the ‘snap’ general election called by the Prime Minister is still four weeks away. It seems a long time since that surprise announcement when Mrs. May caught everyone by surprise. There have been TV appearances by the party leaders and the claims and counter claims being made are already under the close scrutiny by political experts. One term which has emerged in this run up to this election is ‘coalition of chaos’ which the Prime Minister has used repeatedly to describe her opponents. We might be forgiven of being a little cynical here as coalition was, after all, the basis of a previous administration of which she was very much a part. Then again there’s going to be, so we are told, some tactical voting. Who knows, such unity of purpose and the forging of friendships across the political divides may well be the most effective challenge this time around. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Friendship is, of course one of the most precious gifts of life. A true friend is someone who does not fall into the ‘fair weather’ category, but who stays the course of being there for us both in good times and in bad. True friendship is also something which is essentially practical because we have to work at it. It means that we do not call it a day when we have differences or when something was needed to be said which no one else would say. It means that we build bridges for the sake of such friendships and not allow them to fade. Good times and difficult times are enriched by true friendship, that’s why true friends are so very special.

Jesus valued the friendship of his disciples He enjoyed the company of the family at Bethany and his first miracle was at a wedding reception, turning the water into wine, saving the host the awful embarrassment of letting down his friends at such an important occasion. Those Jesus called to be disciples soon became friends, and others who thought themselves worthless and rejected found in Jesus a friend who enabled them to find a new self-worth. ‘What a friend we have in Jesus,’ is not the opening line of a much-loved hymn but the true experiences of all who know that He is the friend who will never let us down. Jesus the ‘friend’ of publicans and sinners – whose love is constant and everlasting, and whose kindness and compassion know no limits!

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