3rd July 2022

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Your local Cylch Meithrin needs you

YOUR local Cylch Meithrin Needs You! Mudiad Meithrin has launched a campaign to recruit full and part-time qualified Welsh speaking staff to work in Cylchoedd Meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroups).

The recruitment campaign includes TV advertising, as well as promotion via posters and banners and sharing information across social media.

The TV advert will be broadcast on S4C and ITV On Demand between _1 December and 14 January. The advert will also appear on the The Western Mail and Daily Post websites during the same period. The advert will also be seen nearly 100 times a day on Cardiff’s Capitol Screen until 6 January.

A recruitment poster has also been sent to more than 1,700 organisations, including primary schools, further education colleges, Mentrau Iaith as well as all of Mudiad Meithrin’s provisions and partners.

Nearly 2,000 staff work in Cylchoedd Meithrin across Wales. This year alone more than 250 Leaders and Assistants have been appointed in Cylchoedd Meithrin.

Dr Gwenllïan Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin’s Chief Executive, said:

“One of Mudiad Meithrin’s objectives is to support Cylchoedd Meithrin with regard to the work of appointing and keeping qualified staff that can provide quality childcare through the medium of Welsh. Our staff recruitment campaign on behalf of Cylchoedd Meithrin can be seen on S4C, ITV On Demand and online over the Christmas period and we hope it will inspire a new audience to consider a career in Early Years Childcare in a Cylch Meithrin.”

The recruitment campaign is part of Mudiad Meithrin’s response to the Welsh Government’s Welsh language strategy Cymraeg 2050: Meithrin Miliwn that recognises the importance and influence of the Early Years in creating Welsh speakers, and supports the vision of a million Welsh speakers by 2050. The Welsh language strategy states that it will support the expansion of Welsh-medium early years provision by 40 nursery groups by 2021 to facilitate a seamless transition into Welsh-medium education, in order to reach an additional 150 nursery groups over the next decade. The first year’s target is to open 12 Cylchoedd Meithrin by the end of March 2019.

General Information about Mudiad Meithrin

Mudiad Meithrin is a voluntary organisation. It aims to give every young child in Wales the opportunity to benefit from early years services and experiences through the medium of Welsh. When Mudiad Meithrin was established in 1971 the Census figures noted that year that the number of children aged 3-4 years old who could speak Welsh was 11.3%. We saw a gradual increase in this figure over the next decades and it’s pleasing to note that by the 2011 Census this figure had doubled to 23.3% of 3-4 year old being able to speak Welsh. Without a doubt, the hard work at the Cylchoedd Meithrin and Cylchoedd Ti a Fi has played a vital part in ensuring this increase in the number of young Welsh speakers in Wales.

Mudiad Meithrin has more than 1,000 early years settings throughout Wales, which include:

Cylchoedd Meithrin – (Welsh-medium playgroups) offering daily session care and education for children 2–5 years old. Over 12,000 children are given the opportunity to learn through play through the medium of Welsh at the Cylchoedd Meithrin.

Cylchoedd Ti a Fi – these groups offer children from birth through to compulsory school age and their parents an excellent opportunity to meet once a week to socialise, share experiences and to play together in an informal Welsh atmosphere.

Integrated Centres – the Mudiad’s Integrated Centres offer a wide range of services through the medium of Welsh for children and their families, which include sessional and full day care, before and after school provision, training and advice for parents.

Day Nurseries – the Mudiad’s nurseries provide quality full day care and early education for children from six weeks old to school age in an attractive, safe, friendly and Welsh atmosphere.

Referral Schemes – the Mudiad’s Referral Schemes offer special support to children with additional needs.

National Training Scheme and Academy – these are departments within Mudiad Meithrin responsible for developing and delivering training in early years care and education through the medium of Welsh as well as gaining more skills for staff and volunteers at the Cylchoedd Meithrin.

Dewin and Doti – Mudiad Meithrin’s unique characters who are friends to all the children of the cylchoedd (nursery groups) and helps them and encourages them so speak Welsh. Dewin and Doti unique Resources may be bought via the online shop – www.meithrin.cymru/shop/

Fundraising – as the organisation is a registered charity an emphasis is given on fundraising activities through the 100 Club, sponsorship packages, and a number of fundraising events locally and nationally.

Cymraeg for Kids – this scheme focuses on increasing the numbers of Welsh speakers among children of nursery age through Cymraeg for Kids groups for families of very young children and babies in specific areas in Wales.

Mudiad Meithrin employs over 220 staff nationally and over 1,500 members of staff work at the cylchoedd meithrin. Mudiad Meithrin’s Support Officers work at a local level in each county offering guidance and practical advice to the cylchoedd staff, volunteers and parents.

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