Wednesday, March 22, 2023

You’ll never walk alone

Thought for the week – Reverend David Jones

Reverend David Jones

Walking our dog ‘Lola’ along the Penyfan Quarry on Monday evening there was no doubt that the tail end of hurricane ‘Ophelia’ was reaching over the Irish channel and making her presence felt! Winds were high enough to send some garden pots flying across the road with the trees in the quarry almost bent in two by Ophelia’s force. Lola with her spaniel’s years flapping had enough was pulling at the lead in the direction of home! The forecast just now was that rail, sea and air traffic disruption was more than likely and the advice to those travelling was to take extra care. With the possibility of flying slates and other damage it’s ‘batten down the hatches’ time and hopefully by the morning Ophelia would have gathered her tail and disappeared into the Atlantic.

Autumn , of course, can be stormy when the ‘nip’ of the coming winter is in the air. With falling leaves and shortening days we are reminded that summer is well and truly over. Before too long the clocks will be turned back and winter really will be upon us. By contrast, a few days ago Lola and I were walking the beach, the sun was shining but there was also a feeling of change in the air. Some joggers were in their shorts and vests while others were well wrapped up adding to the transition between the last days of summer and the winter that is soon to come.

The uniqueness of the changing seasons declares to us that this world is never on hold. This adds to the wonder of creation and the amazing faithfulness of God in sustaining all that is and all that will be. The seasons can often reflect our own experience of life. There are times when things are going well, we feel the warmth of love and friendship and then a storm may come when things go wrong and disappointment and frustration often follow. It is then that God promises a spring – new beginnings when forgiveness and love are given the chance to bring summer with its warmth and joy once again. How good in the autumn of lives to look back and to be grateful that in all the seasons we can trace the hand of God and to be sure that despite the many storms which have come our way that we were never alone. ‘I will be with you’ said Jesus and to know him in the sunshine and the storm is to be sure of the promise of God that we never, ever walk alone.

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