7th May 2021

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PEOPLE young and old gathered at the Antioch Centre in Llanelli to remember the history of World War 1 yesterday, Thursday (Oct 25).

Through an interactive presentation the day to day life of those who lived during the war was brought back to life to educate the schoolchildren in attendance.

Joining the schoolchildren were a large amount of elderly people some of whom shared their experiences of the War.

The children had certainly done their homework as they were able to answer questions on food rations, bombing, air raid shelters, clothing and education.

One pupil had created a gas mask which was displayed during the presentation. When asked if they were happy that they were not currently in a war, the children unanimously replied ‘Yes’.

Also in attendance was the Chairman of Carmarthenshire County Council Cllr Mansel Charles who gave a speech towards the end highlighting how important it is to remember those who had fallen during conflicts.

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Speaking to Llanelli Online, Reverend Brian Lewis said: “It is wonderful that the children have come and interacted with the older people who were able to show the children what it was like during the War Days.

“We must not live in the past, but we must never forget the past.

“Some of us here today are dressed up to show the children what it was like in those days, some are Majors and Captains and Land Army Girls.

“I think our eldest is 94 so memory is a problem, but we are glad to help them with events like this.”

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