Saturday, November 26, 2022
WRU ignorant of ‘Superclubs’ destroying the game

WRU ignorant of ‘Superclubs’ destroying the game

Talking rugby: Former Deputy Mayor of Llanelli Clive Thomas (l) pictured with his father Bill (r)

I just read an article on BBC wales about grass roots rugby I thought you may be interested.

These guys are completely missing the point and the WRU are ignorant to the fact that super clubs are destroying the game. In a modern society where there is more choice for children, its vitally important at junior levels to give every opportunity to thrive and participate in mini’s and junior rugby. However clubs are folding and junior teams are disappearing because of super clubs who have 30 plus players on their books.

I coach under 12’s with my son Lewis and Bill who you know comes with us, we struggle to have a full team most weeks, currently we have 14 on our books, Furnace have gone to the wall, so have Dock Stars, Gorseinon had to merge with Fallbay and so on.

Then there are super clubs who have more players than they can possibly use or give decent game time to the kids. We have cancelled games this season through lack of numbers or we have shared players and in some cases kids playing for more than one team just for the game to continue.

The WRU needs to cap player numbers at the clubs for junior levels to promote more teams and therefore more games and more children playing, these would then filter into the older teams and hopefully one would think they would stay within rugby circles and fill the gaps we see now and the article eludes to?

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Clive Thomas

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