World’s biggest purple party launched to mark Dewin and Doti’s 10th birthday

ON Friday 8 February Dewin and Doti, Mudiad Meithrin’s likeable characters, will launch The World’s Biggest Purple Party with their friends at Cylch Meithrin Plant Bach Sarn near Bridgend.

The World’s Biggest Purple Party will be held on Wednesday 10 April to celebrate Dewin and Doti’s 10th birthdays. But this will be no ordinary party.

The World’s Biggest Purple Party aims to reach a target of 10,000 people taking part by wearing any purple item of clothing on that day.

Mudiad Meithrin will also encourage every child and adult that attends a Cylch Ti a Fi (Welsh-medium baby and toddler group), Cylch Meithrin (Welsh-medium playgroup), Cymraeg for Kids group, day nursery, Clwb Cwtsh etc to wear purple.

Gwenllïan Lansdown Davies, Mudiad Meithrin’s Chief Executive, said: “The World’s Biggest Purple Party will be a way for Cylchoedd to raise money as each child will pay a £1 to wear a purple piece of clothing on that day.

“Purple parties will be held throughout Wales during Cychoedd opening times on Wednesday 10 April. To celebrate the occasion Dewin and Doti will travel to every county in Wales in their Balalŵn to visit some of the young children in our provisions to celebrate their birthday.”

The launch of The World’s Biggest Purple Party will take place at Cylch Meithrin Plant Bach Sarn on Friday, 8th February when it will hold its own Purple Party in the company of Dewin after winning a raffle to hold this annual event as part of their 2018-19 Mudiad Meithrin membership package.

The day’s celebrations will include an opportunity for children to take part in craft activities, dancing with Dewin (of course!) and eat healthy party food.

The children will also sing ‘Pen-blwydd hapus’ (Happy Birthday) to Dewin, and be amongst the first of thousands to do so over the next two months.

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