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Working for Llanelli Online: My second week on placement

Working for Llanelli Online: My second week on placement

AFTER a thoroughly enjoyable, educational and rewarding two weeks working with Llanelli Online, my time on placement has quickly come to an end, but what an eventful fortnight it has been.

It has been a busy week for news, with First Minister Mark Drakeford announcing further relaxations such as people being allowed to restart driving lessons from the 27th of July.  We covered that story and plenty more for Llanelli Online and Wales News Online.

Speaking of the Welsh First Minister, it was fascinating to watch the editor, Alan Evans question Mark Drakeford as part of the Welsh Government’s daily briefing which I’ve avidly watched on television since the beginning of lockdown in March.  I was surprised to discover that the journalists speak to the government ministers on television via a Zoom call. By chance, it was announced that this week would be the last for the daily briefings in Wales with them only taking place weekly from Monday.

BONUS: You get your very own professional photo taken at Llanelli Online.

Away from political reporting, this placement has opened my eyes to the bright looking future of local journalism. Who would have thought in the space of a week, it would be possible for two people to rebuild a radio studio, create a website and officially launch an online hyperlocal radio studio? I’m proud to say I and Alan managed it somehow, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the new Llanelli Talk Radio, which you can check out right here.

To top off a fantastic fortnight that involved recording news bulletins and creating the new station sound (jingles) for Llanelli Talk Radio, Alan gave me the responsibility of interviewing a bare knuckle fighter!

I’ll reiterate what I said in my first blog, if you’re from Llanelli, Carmarthen or anywhere across South West Wales and dream of being a journalist or broadcaster, then get in touch with Llanelli Online.  Alan the editor is a very welcoming mentor that will undoubtedly help you pick up many of the skills you’ll need to work in a modern day newsroom.

Thank you to Alan for the warm welcome and wonderful opportunity, and thank you to you for reading.

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