Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Woman left ‘angry and shocked’ after family dog was attacked

Woman left ‘angry and shocked’ after family dog was attacked

A woman in Llanelli has been left ‘angry and shocked’ after her dog was allegedly attacked on a footpath by another dog.

Michelle Adams was walking her dog, Amber, on the public footpath in Bynea when the incident is said to have taken place.

The owner claims that  Husky dog attacked Amber and whilst doing so bit her. Amber had to undergo surgery to mend the injuries sustained in the attack.

The dog’s owner Michelle Adams said: “My partner and I are fuming.

“Our dog, Amber, was attacked today. She is with the vet undergoing surgery to mend the injuries that she sustained.

“We were walking Amber on the footpath when a Siberian husky attacked her.

“The owner had no control over her dog at all. She apologised and seemed to want me to sympathise with her lack of control.”

Warning: Graphic images below…

Nasty bite: Amber’s leg

The vet cost for the surgery Amber received was £600.

Michelle continued: “Amber is a loving and gentle dog. She does not have a bad bone in her body. I am angry and sad for her. It will take weeks of healing and Amber will be emotionally scarred.”

Michelle claims that this is not the first time the husky dog has caused problems. She said: “The owner needs to take responsibility for her dog’s actions.

“She tried telling us that her dog had never attacked before, but two people have contacted me to say their dogs have been bitten by the same husky.”

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