Monday, March 27, 2023
Winter is coming, time to prepare

Winter is coming, time to prepare

With winter approaching, Welsh Water are getting ready for winter. They are urging you to do the same.

  • Research reveals that more than half of households in Wales admitted to not protecting their pipes.
  • One in five water customers have no idea what to do if a pipe freezes in their home.
  • Young people aged 24 to 35 are most at risk of not being properly prepared.
  • Protect your water pipes and prevent the inconvenience and expense of frozen or bursts pipes
  • Welsh Water offers free advice and lagging kits at

With this Sunday marking the end of British Summer Time, Welsh Water is asking you to join them by taking action now to prepare for the winter months as part of its Wrap Up Wales campaign.

Freezing temperatures can cause pipes to freeze and crack which in turn can lead to burst pipes flooding homes and businesses.

The problem is usually linked to pipes that are exposed to low temperatures, such as those in garages, attics and outhouses.  When the water in the pipe freezes and expands it can cause the pipes to burst.

Wales’ weather is unpredictable, from storms to snow to floods. Welsh Water are preparing early for extreme weather conditions to ensure that its customers get reliable service no matter what the weather.

Welsh Water’s Director of Water Services, Ian Christie said: “As ever, we’ve been working hard during the autumn months to make sure that we’re ready to deal with the challenges that winter weather can bring – from ensuring that our remote treatment works can operate in extreme conditions to ensuring employees get to work safely to answer customer queries to making sure our networks keep flowing during severe cold weather or heavy rainfall.

But there are some simple things that our customers can also do to make sure their water keeps flowing during a cold spell.

Welsh Water’s Wrap Up Wales campaign, which coincides with the clocks going back this weekend, includes a useful online test at to see if your home is ready for winter.  The company is also offering 1000 free lagging kit to protect outdoor pipes and taps from the cold weather.

Ian Christie continued: “We’re asking customers to make sure their homes or businesses are wrapped up and ready for winter by getting any outdoor pipes or taps lagged with a kit. It could help prevent a huge amount of inconvenience and expense – at the time of the year when you’d least want to face it.”

For tips on getting ready for winter, and a chance to get a free lagging kit, customers can visit

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