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When will the candidates focus on the real issues?

Llanelli Online has been sent details of another alleged investigation taking place into electoral practices in Llanelli, this time it is a Welsh Labour candidate. We were sent a photo, which showed the candidate Edward Skinner as residing at 11 Railway Terrace in Llanelli. The person who sent us the documents (pic 1 & 2) wished to remain anonymous. We contacted Llanelli Labour and we were directed to a blogger’s page, which also claimed that Mr Skinner was using a bogus address.

pic 1
Pic 2

See blog post below:

Bigyn and Pontyberem

Even more confused about where he really lives is Edward Skinner who is standing as Labour candidate for the county council in Pontyberem and for Bigyn on Llanelli Town Council.

Skinner’s nomination papers for the county council elections gave his address as 11 Railway Terrace, Llanelli, an address unknown to the postman or indeed anyone else. Meanwhile the address given for his Bigyn candidacy is 11 Railway Place, Llanelli.*

The blogger  has since updated his blog as follows:

Correction 18 April

Llanelli Labour Party has asked for this piece to be corrected to show that the addresses given for Edward Skinner were both in Llanelli. The Labour Party has also stated that Mr Skinner has not attended an interview at Llanelli Police Station with regard to the discrepancies on his nomination papers.

Y Cneifiwr apologises for any confusion and distress caused.

A Welsh Labour spokesperson issued the following statement:

Ed Skinner did make a mistake on his County Form and put 11 RailwayTerrace and not 11 Railway Place which is where he lives. He hasn’t long moved there I understand. His nomination papers for Bigyn for the Rural Council are correct i.e. 11 Railway Place, Llanelli. I can confirm though there are no pending proceedings or any action being taken by the Police.

In a conversation with some candidates this morning, Wednesday (Apr 19) they expressed concerns that the mud slinging was damaging the reputation of both parties and posed the question, when will the candidates focus on the real issues?

It appears that the mud slinging from both Plaid Cymru and Welsh Labour will continue on social media as the election draws nearer. Meanwhile the people of Llanelli are hoping that a number of the most pressing and serious issues like crime, violence, drugs, unemployment, homelessness, education, health and elderly care are considered and given as much attention as the exchanges on the social media pages of the parties concerned. Let us hope that this will be the case.

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