Friday, October 7, 2022
Why wasn’t petition handed in to Hywel Dda?

Why wasn’t petition handed in to Hywel Dda?

Dear Editor, We write as former and current staff members at Prince Philip Hospital so we kindly ask you to respect our confidentiality and keep our names anonymous please.

We’ve been following your coverage of the steps to protect our services in Llanelli and hope unlike other local media outlets, you can put the truth out there so people know exactly what is going on!

We feel let down that Llanelli’s hospital petition which many of us signed was not presented to the Hywel Dda Health Board, in fact it has been the talk of the hospital since it was confirmed.

According to the Health Board’s own Consultation results report, the only petition they have had is a 421 one which makes it look like none of us care when of course we actually do. Pembrokeshire have over 40,000 signatures and they were handed in on time.

Why didn’t the SOSPPAN Committee hand over our 13,000 signature petition to the Health Board as well as to the Welsh Government? Is it any wonder the Health Board are now moving back towards Proposal A to take even more services away from our precious hospital. Given they haven’t received Llanelli’s petition, we ask are the results of this consultation exercise even valid?

We understand that Councillors Louvaine Roberts and Suzy Curry are the leading officers of SOSPPAN and they should now resign. We are very angry about this, we feel betrayed.

People in Llanelli signed that petition so we could put pressure on and in the belief that it would be handed to the Health Board. Also, nobody in our Town was even invited to join SOSPPAN when they handed over the petition this week in Cardiff.

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This is nothing short of a political stunt. Not good enough!

Names and addresses supplied

NB this is a letter and is personal opinion of the sender. Please respond in the comments section or email in response.

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