Monday, March 27, 2023
Where Are Plaid’s Policies?

Where Are Plaid’s Policies?

Labour Candidate: Rob James

Carmarthenshire Labour this week launched a scathing attack on the Plaid Cymru-Independent coalition for not informing the public of their policies ahead of the local elections in May.

Plaid Cymru and the Independents have been in coalition since 2015 and both parties will be hoping to return to power on May 4th.

The remarks come two weeks after Labour unveiled their own manifesto during the local election campaign launch. Labour claim that their manifesto is their most comprehensive to date, containing almost eighty pledges across nine policy areas all tailored towards Carmarthenshire.

Labour’s campaign coordinator and candidate for Lliedi, Rob James, stated, ‘With just days to go before postal votes are being delivered to local residents, we are still awaiting to hear what five more years of Plaid Cymru and Independents will look like.

‘Whilst in power, Plaid demonstrated a complete lack of vision for Carmarthenshire and it  now appears that they have no vision at all for the next five years. We would expect the party of power to be able to produce a local manifesto for the people of Carmarthenshire.

‘Plaid have produced a national manifesto for all council elections across Wales, yet it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on for Carmarthenshire. Plaid talked tough in opposition, yet have been a complete disaster for local residents since coming to power.

‘The fact that they didn’t feel the need to tell local residents what another five years of Plaid would look like is staggering.

‘The Independents have been in power for over a decade and despite operating as a political party, they also refuse treat residents with the respect of stating their joint plans for the next five years.

‘Voters really need to ask themselves are we going to elect a party that has no vision, zero policies and will merely take advice from the Chief Executive and Officers on every policy matter; or should we elect a party that has a clear blueprint for delivery.’

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