Friday, February 3, 2023
What would Lord Elwyn Jones think of the town?

What would Lord Elwyn Jones think of the town?

Dear Editor,

I have just left Llanelli after a brief visit to my elderly mother. I was born and brought up in Llanelli before I moved to London for university and my career.

I had the misfortune to have a depressing walk through the town this afternoon en route to the train… Something which I haven’t done for many years.

Where is the hwyl? Where is the sense of aspiration and betterment which I remember from my days at the Grammar school ? The redesign of the town centre has torn out the heart of the town.

After I left in 1977 I remember the long queues at the labour exchange when I came back  on vacations. But there was still a heart in the town.

Oh where has the heart of this proud town gone? What would Lord Elwyn Jones think, whose name appears on the Council building of the town where he and I were brought up? What is the local council doing? The redesign of Murray Street and the surrounding area looks a disaster.

I know many people will say that it is all about the money that may not be available. However, pride and care does not cost money. A clean up and some paint doesn’t cost much more either.

I hope and pray that the vibrant town of my childhood and youth will return, but I really cannot see it at present.

Hugh Thomas

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