Friday, June 9, 2023
What A Load Of Rubbish

What A Load Of Rubbish

Residents of a Llanelli estate are up in arms about an overflowing skip that has been left for months creating an eyesore and causing a potential health risk.

People living in and around Nantwen in Penygraig have been complaining to their local councillor about an unattended skip, in a vacant property, which is a cause for concern. Rural Councillor Steve Donoghue said:

The property is a private residence, but it has been empty for some time. I think the owner had previously been renting the house, and for some reason before the last tenants left, a skip was placed in the drive. This was at least 6 months ago, and since then we have seen an ever increasing mountain of waste being poured into and around the skip. The resulting eyesore really puts a dampener on the area. There is also a great health risk as it is attracting vermin. I have had lots of residents phoning and knocking on my door asking for something to be done. I passed the matter on to Carmarthenshire County Coumcil via our County member Cllr Cundy over a month ago.

 County Councillor Deryk Cundy said:

I was told by CCC officers that the owner of the property had been traced and that they had been given 10 days to clear the skip. Cllr Donoghue has brought the fact that this has not been done to my attention, and I have once again escalated the matter to the County. I have been given an assurance that the matter will be investigated and a resolution will be forthcoming. I will be keeping Steve and other residents informed of progress. This is not something that I want my constituents to have to endure and will do all I can to get it cleared.

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