28th January 2021

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Welsh residents ‘more likely’ to be affected by medical negligence, new survey shows

A new survey has shown that over a third of people in the UK know someone who suffered negligent treatment at the hands of a medical professional, or have suffered from it themselves – and Wales is one of the regions you’re most likely to experience it.

Independent data experts YouGov, acting on behalf of Claims.co.uk, asked 2,000 people in the UK whether they had been impacted by medical negligence and found that a shocking 35% of people living in Wales had.

Responding to the survey, 17% said they had been affected by poor treatment from the Welsh NHS or a private clinician. For 20% of respondents, the person suffering negligent treatment was a family member. The survey also found that people under the age of 34 were more likely to be affected than any other age group.

Of the regions surveyed, Wales had one of the highest percentages of people who had experienced negligent medical treatment themselves, second only to Scotland.

Medical negligence, a broad legal term that refers to cases where healthcare professionals fail in their duty of care to a patient, can be particularly traumatic. For example medical negligence incidents include late diagnosis of a condition, surgical mistakes or prescription errors.

Managing Director of Claims.co.uk, John Quail said that the survey shows clinical negligence is a real problem:

“When you go to the doctors or to a hospital for treatment, the last thing you expect is to leave feeling worse than you did going in. Unfortunately, that’s the sad reality for a lot of people in the UK right now, particularly in Wales.”

To see the full national data report on the Impact of Medical Negligence and for more information, go to: www.claims.co.uk/medical-negligence/impact-of-medical-negligence

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