AN unnamed Member of Parliament has been accused of “mocking” the accent of a Welsh MP during a Commons debate.

Speaking about the incident recently Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards said that during debate on the Budget on Monday, an MP from another party “chose to make disparaging remarks about my accent”, saying such behaviour served to “reinforce the privileged and exclusive perception of Westminster politics”.

Speaker John Bercow said “personal mockery” was wrong, and “to many people it constitutes bullying”.

Mr Bercow also apologised for his own “extraordinarily ineffective mimicry” of Tory MP Ken Clarke.

Another MP from Scotland was asked repeatedly to ask a question when Sir Paul Beresford MP, who represents Mole Valley, Surrey, was answering questions about the parliamentary estate.

David Linden, SNP MP for Glasgow Easta said: “I know from speaking to a number of parliamentary colleagues that there are still certain aspects of the estate, including the northern estate, that are not great for people with disabilities.

“Can I ask the honourable gentleman what work is being done to make this place more accessible, particularly for some of our colleagues who have a disability?”

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The Tory MP replied: “I’m sorry, it must be something to do with my Antipodean background. Could he please repeat the question, because I didn’t follow it.”

The Scottish MP asked his question again in an attempt to help the MP understand the question

Sir Paul Beresford said: “I’m really sorry. Please could he do it very slowly and in Antipodean English.”

The Deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle intervened and said: “I think the answer might be helped if you can reply in writing, when you’ll read it.”

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