Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Welsh Lib Dems call on Tories to protect BBC and S4C

Welsh Lib Dems call on Tories to protect BBC and S4C

THE Welsh Liberal Democrats have called on the UK Government to reverse plans to scrap the BBC licence fee and ensure the future of S4C is secure in any future funding settlement.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Peer Lord Roger Roberts has criticised the proposed scrapping of the licence fee as a threat to the future of S4C.

Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey and Liberal Democrat DCMS Spokesperson Daisy Cooper have written to the Prime Minister, outlining how the Conservative government’s plans will “cost the BBC hundreds of millions of pounds” and “at least double the cost of viewing the BBC”.

Welsh Liberal Democrat Lord Roger Roberts, commented:

“Since its inception in 1982, S4C has been a major factor in promoting and supporting the resurgence of our language.

“S4C is a vital part of Welsh broadcasting and Welsh political life, with their work being primarily supported by the licence fee.

“If this government scraps the licence fee, the effects on S4C will be catastrophic. I urge all parties to work together to protect the licence fee and safeguard the future of Welsh broadcasting.”

Following the letter Ed Davey said:

“The Liberal Democrats will fight tooth and nail for the BBC. Everyone has witnessed this Prime Minister try to wriggle out of press scrutiny and then attack parts of the media from the BBC to Channel 4, to newspapers he doesn’t like.

“The British Press is by no means without criticism, but at its best, the BBC remains a beacon of independent journalism as well as high-quality entertainment.

“Boris Johnson has no election mandate for his BBC plans, so Liberal Democrats will work with other progressives to champion public broadcasting and stop the Conservatives’ attempt to Americanise our TV news.”

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