Monday, December 5, 2022
We moved from Sandy Road because of health problems

We moved from Sandy Road because of health problems

Dear Editor,

I own a house on Sandy Rd Llanelli in which my elderly Dad now lives in.

He is as am I extremely concerned about the recent flyer put through the letterbox regarding plans on removing approx 19 fronts to add yet more pollution and traffic to what is already a dangerous, polluted main road. By adding another lane it will be catastrophic to the resident’s health and safety.

I am deeply worried not only for my Dad’s health but both my children & all my grandchildren live there also and they inhale the pollution daily which has caused severe asthma for my grandchildren as the walk to local schools .

A survey was run house to house 16 years ago( 2004/05) on the high levels residents have to suffer, not able to open windows, houses shaking, not able to open windows resulting in over 80% of residents having asthma and respiratory conditions and worried for their health .

The Carmarthenshire County Council was informed and a meeting was held in our local Community Hall to discuss ,myself attending along with my daughter and other residents but unfortunately we had no help or understanding regarding this serious matter of concern at the time.

The volume of traffic continues to increase and pollution levels are extremely detrimental to their health. A fly over or bypass is a must for this bottle necked area for the best outcome for all the community/ schools/ college/ businesses and most importantly the children and residents.

Walls and fronts are cracking , sand lorry vibrations literally rattled homes. We had to move out of the area as my husband’s chest (severe asthma) due to pollution. Since we have moved my husbands chest has improved greatly  Accidents occur on this road which again causes absolute major congestion. The list goes on.

The residents need full support and help with this very important issue, I hope a solicitor or someone of interest can help them all and take note of their dire circumstances living on this awful road not just my family but all the residents and the larger community are totally effected. So many issues to look at before even considering adding further traffic to it.

Mrs Patricia Harper

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