Saturday, December 3, 2022

We can all be a ‘good samaritan’

WASN’T it amazing and nail biting to watch Mamoudo Gassama, a 22 year from Libya, climbing an apartment building in France to save a dangling toddler.

It had us all on the edge of our seats as he scaled those apartment balconies. It proves that no all heroes wear capes even though he has by now been hailed as ‘Spiderman’ this was no well-planned Hollywood stunt, just a young man who saw such a desperate need and got on with it.

Interviewed later he seemed to take it all his stride and said his only thoughts were for the child. Even a meeting with the French President and being given one of the highest honours of the land seemed to leave him a rather bemused.

This, of course, is the stuff of what heroes are made of and when that little toddler, hanging on by a thread was pulled to safety we all heaved a great sigh of relief. Not all of us could have reacted as Mamoundo did. I know that my level of physical fitness would just about have got me off the pavement!

Nothing takes away from this incredible act of courage and heroism and yet there are for every such act there are so many ‘unsung heroes’.

A neighbour of mine goes out every day to clear cans and debris in the Penyfan quarry field and play area. Others I meet in my day to day Ministry respond positively in supporting so many community projects – like a group of the recently retired who share their computer and hi-tech skills with the elderly.

Our church opened a ‘soup station’ last week. The number volunteers from within and outside the church who have offered their help and support has been amazing. Our ‘guests’ as we called them were welcomed with warmth and friendship and the sight of one of our elderly ladies hugging them all as they left was an inspiration in itself. These are people who could never scale a building but with simple acts of kindness do make a difference and would never pass by on the other side.

That bring us to the story Jesus told of ‘good’ Samaritan. By now that phrase has become synonymous with those who through acts of kindness and care do what they can to help and support those in need.  Jesus ends his story with the words ‘Go and do the same’ May we have the strength to do just that!

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