Saturday, December 3, 2022
Waters ‘rains’ in Llanelli

Waters ‘rains’ in Llanelli

DON’T forget your brolly if you are shopping in Llanelli town centre in the rain…you might even need it up in the shops!

Torrential rain meant all buckets and containers were taken off the shelves and littered about the St Elli Shopping Centre mall and Vaughan Street’s Home Bargain store in Saturday’s monsoon.

The two-way Covid-19 social distancing lanes had to be abandoned in St Elli Centre outside Saul Cass Jewellers as rain splashed in bucket loads into the mall from the leaking glass roof.

Workers tirelessly swept up and hovered up copious amounts of water and cones were used to channel shoppers to islands of dry tiling to avoid accidental slips and slithers.

At Home Bargains Judith Davies, from Dafen, said she used a brolly to navigate between aisles and store staff valiantly moved buckets and containers around. “Buckets were filling up quickly and I was surprised they kept the store open.

“I jokingly asked at the checkout if they had any buckets for sale and the cashier said they had to take them all off the shelves to catch the torrent of drips!

“The St Elli Centre was dangerously slippery with the raindrops splashing on the tiles with just one man and a brush and another with a hoover sucking up the water.”

The St Elli Centre’s glass roof has been plagued with leakage issues ever since it opened more than 20 years ago with many thousands of pounds abortively expended in attempting to repair the leaks.

The Home Bargain’s store building was closed for a week for repairs when it was a Tesco store 50-years ago when the roof leaked like a sieve. That resulted in Tesco relocating to Stepney Street before eventually shipping out to Trostre.

Lee Waters winning his seat with an extended majority and now this. A bright political future ahead with outbreaks of sunshine and weathering the occasional political storm. That’s our long term forecast.

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