Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Waters Asks Us To Think Big

Waters Asks Us To Think Big

Deep Thinker: Lee Waters AM/AC

Llanelli AM Lee Waters is asking the people of Llanelli to ‘Think Big’ about the future of the town. He has launched a crowd sourcing project in order to get people’s views and ideas.

The AM’s Web Page features a video shot in Llanelli where he says

I want to find new ways to generate ideas to make Llanelli better

The AM says that he  wants to find new ways of talking to people across Llanelli  and to hear their ideas on what  can be done to bring jobs to the area.

The AM will be taking part in  public events, workshops, school visits, and doorstep chats and his  website is designed to enable you to pitch your own ideas, to build and comment on the suggestions of others, and to vote up (or vote down) your favourites.

On the web page he says:

No idea is too big or too small – other people can chip in and small ideas can grow – if you have 10 seconds or 10 minutes please do get involved.

So, tell me:

“What does Llanelli do best? And how could we use this to generate jobs?”

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