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Used needles, dog fouling and fly tipping causing misery for Old Castle Road residents

Used needles, dog fouling and fly tipping causing misery for Old Castle Road residents

Residents of Old Castle Road have been airing their concerns about discarded needles, drug use, dog fouling, fly tipping and parking problems on land in the area. The land at the end of Old Castle Road, which borders Sandy Water Park is for sale at present and although the land has been fenced off in the past it is now open. Residents claim that large amounts of needles are being discarded in the area by drug users.

Cllr Sara Griffiths who represents the Lliedi ward said that discarded needles had become a problem in other communities too. Speaking during a meeting at the Selwyn Samuel Centre she said that she would be contacting the County Council, the police and the services who deal with drug use and the disposal of needles.

One resident said that he had found needles in bags of sand, which had been delivered for building. The resident said, “I can smell ‘weed’ everywhere. If my window is open and the wind is blowing a certain way you can smell it. They are also going into the derelict Old Castle Works building. I go out and pick up the needles myself. It isn’t my job. I am at the end of my tether. There are elderly people living on our street. The needles are there every day. There is rubbish being tipped there. I am fed up with the dog mess everywhere. We have picked up all sorts of rubbish. I picked it all up and took it to the tip. I have been to the council and the police and I just get fobbed off. I wait and wait and nothing. This is now getting beyond. I dread to think what is being thrown in the river.I even put in a security light but what they are doing is going in the bushes down to the riverbank. I have even changed sharp boxes but they still throw them around. We are considering moving house.”

Cllr Sara Griffiths advised the resident that they should not be picking up the needles. She said, “There are small children who may be at risk here. It is shocking. We should have a regular police patrol there especially if there is a drug problem.”

Cllr Chris Griffiths who also represents the Lliedi ward said that the first port of call had to be the police. Cllr David Darkin who represents the Elli ward agreed. He said, “As a child my brother and I used to play in that area. I am sure there are other children playing there and they will be at risk. If they are going to use the drugs they should be able to have somewhere to place the used needles.”

Cllr David Darkin said that the Town Council would be holding a meeting with a service for drug users in the town and that they would be asking questions about some of the issues in the town. He said that they would be speaking to the land owner and the police.

We contacted Dyfed-Powys Police and Carmarthenshire County Council. We are still awaiting a response.

You can watch part of the meeting here.

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