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AM urges public to support local farmers

AM urges public to support local farmers

Enjoying a traditional Welsh breakfast: Neil Hamilton AM

NEIL Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales, and Leader of UKIP Wales, is urging people to support their local farmers this January by joining the Farmers Union of Wales ‘Farmhouse Breakfast’ initiative.

As Party Spokesman for Agriculture and Rural Affairs, he is calling on his constituents to take part in the Breakfast Week which is being held all over Wales from January 22-28.

Apart from promoting a healthy start to the day, the mornings will also highlight the variety of top quality Welsh breakfast produce and give farmers the chance to share their concerns about the farming industry in Wales.

Neil Hamilton said: “It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the breadth and wealth of quality breakfast produce which is available all over Wales.  I strongly back the annual FUW’s initiative to encourage people to think about where their breakfast food comes from, and to support the farmers who produce it.

“Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and, here in Wales, there is a huge variety of top quality farm produce, ranging from bacon, sausages and eggs to specialty dairy products, breads and cereals, including one of my favorites, laverbread, which I have been enjoying since childhood.

“Farmers all over Wales will be opening their kitchens at the end of the month, inviting us all to join them for a hearty farmhouse breakfast, and I would urge anyone wanting to support them and taste their delicious produce to take part.”

The FUW campaign aims to raise the profile of Welsh produce and get politicians, key stakeholders and the general public to understand the important role the food and drink sector plays in their everyday lives.

FUW President Glyn Roberts said that it would also shine a spotlight on the importance of the rural economy.

He said: “Decision makers, who are joining us, will see the vital part farmers play in maintaining our rural communities, in sustaining a viable and profitable agricultural sector and of course producing excellent food.”

Over the last year the FUW has been busy highlighting why farming matters, not just in terms of food security, but also for the rural economy and communities.

Many businesses, up and down the country, have already been supporting the FUW in bringing that message across to politicians over the past 12 months. Through farm visits, round table discussions and meetings, the Union has been making great progress in highlighting why #FarmingMatters.

Mr Roberts added: “However, we want to continue that work and would like to invite you to join us around the kitchen table for breakfast. All across Wales, farms are opening up their kitchens for you, where we will be joined by producers, members and our local politicians. So why not book your place at one of our kitchen tables and help us to show why farming matters.”

For more information on breakfast locations in your area, if you are keen to be involved by sponsoring some produce, or if you want to host a breakfast, as part of the FUW’s breakfast week, contact your local County Executive Officer.

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