Saturday, April 1, 2023
Update on GP Out-of-Hours service

Update on GP Out-of-Hours service

WE are continuing to experience difficulties in filling some of our Out-of-Hours rotas in Carmarthenshire and Pembrokeshire this weekend due to GP shortages.  As always, efforts are continuing until the last
possible moment, however you may experience a limited service in these counties for which we would like to apologise.

If you are unwell out of hours during the evenings and weekend you can do a number of things: * for health information and advice, including online symptom checkers, please visit NHS Direct Wales: [2]

* call 111 (Carmarthenshire only) – they can help to signpost you to the right service, for example a GP, nurse, pharmacist or Minor Injury Unit, they also provide health information on a wide range of conditions for self care if appropriate.

* use your community pharmacy, some of these have enhanced services like ‘triage and treat’ for treatment of minor conditions.

* ONLY in an emergency for serious or life-threatening conditions should you dial 999.

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