Friday, June 9, 2023
“Unpaid carers concerns have been listened to,” says Llanelli MS

“Unpaid carers concerns have been listened to,” says Llanelli MS

In recognition of the pivotal role, they have played during the pandemic, unpaid carers in the Llanelli constituency will be eligible to receive a £500 payment.

That announcement, from Welsh Government this/last week, will come as a welcome relief for a large number of people according to Senedd Member Lee Waters. The MS said:

“There are nearly 3,500 unpaid carers in Carmarthenshire, many of whom are from the Llanelli constituency.”

“In recent months, I have been contacted by several people concerned about the lack of support they have received as unpaid carers. I learnt about the difficulties they faced, and, thanks to their willingness to share their experiences with me, I was able to take them back to the Senedd in my discussions with colleagues.

All unpaid carers in the local area, who are receiving Carer’s Allowance on March 31st this year, will be eligible for the payment.

The payment, itself, is part of a £29m investment in unpaid carers from the Welsh Government and recognises the financial and emotional hardship many have experienced. In particular, a survey of more than 1,500 unpaid carers found nearly half had to use their personal savings and give up work or study to care, while more than half had to give up on hobbies or personal interests because of their caring role.

Lee Waters added:

“I hope that this payment of £500 will go some way to easing these pressures. However, this money is not just a recognition of the cost-of-living crisis we are facing, but also to recognise the value unpaid carers have made to Wales’ health and social care system and how they have gone above and beyond for family and friends.”

“Unpaid carers’ concerns have been listened to, and I am glad the Welsh Government has made this £500 payment available.”

Unpaid carers will be able to submit their claim to local authorities later this year. Further details on how and when to register for the payment will be available shortly.

To qualify for Carers Allowance, individuals must spend at least 35 hours a week caring, care for someone who is in receipt of certain benefits and earn no more than £128 a week.

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