‘Underweight’ and ‘struggling’ Natterer’s bat returned to the wild after RSPCA intervention

‘Underweight’ and ‘struggling’ Natterer’s bat returned to the wild after RSPCA intervention

AN underweight and struggling Natterer’s bat found in Pontyberem has been returned to the wild following a period of rehabilitation with the RSPCA.

The bat was found by members of the public on Llannon Road in the Gwendraeth Valley village on 14 July.

He was very underweight and the RSPCA believes he had “struggled in the wild” during his early life.

The Wildlife Trusts say the Natterer’s bat is a “scarce species” in the UK, that are usually 4-5cm in length and have a lifespan of approximately seven years.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Ellie West initially fed the bat electrolyte fluids from a syringe, before he moved onto a diet of mealworms as his recuperation continued.

The bat’s weight and energy transformed after some meals and fluids – and he was gradually exercised to build up his strength ahead of a return to the wild.

Fortunately, the bat was deemed healthy enough to be returned to the wild on 7 August, which the animal welfare charity has labelled “another heart-warming moment”.

ACO West said: “This Natterer’s bat was very underweight and needed to build up his strength – and it appeared clear he had struggled in the wild in early life.

“Fortunately, he transformed in our care – and was soon eating and drinking very well, and gradually increasing his exercise.

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“It was another heart-warming moment to return this bat to the wild in early August – and another example of the RSPCA’s work of rescuing and rehabilitating troubled wildlife.

“When we released him back to the wild, there was a lot of other bat activity – with pipistrelle bats and other Natterer’s bats flying above us. We’re just glad we were able to assist this bat so he could happily join in.”

Should you wish to help the RSPCA with work such as this, you can donate online. The animal welfare charity has remained on the frontline responding to animals in emergency situations throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

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