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UK’s Press focuses on Llanelli’s fly infestation

Hot spot: The Delta Lakes area of Llanelli

THE streets of Llanelli did not so much have dancing on them tonight, as in the immortal words of Bill McClaren but they were full of the national press looking for anyone willing to speak about the town’s infestation of flies. ITV, BBC, Radio Wales and even the Jeremy Vine Show scouted for people willing to share their stories and there were some awful stories to be told.

Jane Moses is looking after her 95-year-old father who suffers with dementia and she told Llanelli Online she had to spray every room and move her elderly father around because he was coughing so badly as a result of the spray. Despite this she said that she still could not get rid of the pesky flies.

Emma Benson called us to describe her home in Old Lodge, which she said was crawling with flies and stopping her young children from taking their nap in the afternoon.

Stephen Murfitt described how his neighbours contemplated leaving their home because they just could not cope with the flies anymore.

Social media was full of tales of woe from people all around Llanelli experiencing the onslaught of the flies.

Vanessa Feltz ran a piece on the Jeremy Vine show and she spoke to Llanelli residents who described their sufferings. One of the world’s leading experts on flies Dr Erica McAlister suggested that the infestation may have been as a result of some disturbance to groundworks or the sewage system or as a result of larvae hatching at a nearby industrial premises.

It appears that Llanelli is not alone in their fly problem as people from other parts of the country called in to describe similar circumstances. Some said that they too lived next to an industrial recycling plant. others lived near pig farms or had simply seen an increase in the numbers of flies during the hot weather.

Nowhere is safe: Home owners at Machynys have experienced the wrath of the flies

The county council do not appear to be any closer to solving the problem however, they are liaising with external agencies including pest controllers to try and find the source of the problem.

Dr McAlister said that the flies like humans and that it was a perfect storm with the maggots living off sewage and waste emerging with the heavy rain and heat. All this she said would cause faster life cycles of flies. She said:

You are going to have to find the source. Until the larvae have been found these populations will keep happening. You do need the council to find out exactly what is going on.

The idea that they could be in recycling cans she said was a ‘strong possibility’. Speaking about other possible sources she said:

For the population explosion going on it does seem like either there is some massive problem going on such as sewage effluent or blocked drains.

You can watch our film of some of the residents speaking to Llanelli Online here.

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