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UKIP’s Nathan Gill resigns

UKIP’s Nathan Gill resigns

Exiting the Welsh Assembly: Nathan Gill MEP


IT has been confirmed that UKIP’S North Wales AM Nathan Gill has resigned as the AM for North Wales. Announcing the news on his Twitter page @NathanGillMEP the AM and MEP said: “It’s with great sadness and relief that I am resigning as AM for North Wales and Mandy Jones will take my place.”

There is no love lost between Mr Gill and Mid and West Wales AM Neil Hamilton who spoke to Llanelli Online by telephone earlier today, Wednesday (Dec 27). Mr Hamilton discussed his thoughts on why the AM might be resigning but requested that they remain private for now. We did attempt to contact UKIP’S Michelle Brown but she was unavailable for comment.

Twitter spat: Lee Waters AM

In recent months accusations of the ‘betrayal’ of the electorate by the AM and MEP have been flying thick and fast around the Senedd. Speculation was rife with the Llanelli AM Lee Waters tweeting “@Amanwy 5h5 hours ago Replying to @Politicalex @RWynJones @NathanGillMEP
Happy to stand corrected, but the record so far is:

1. He pledged to work hard as an AM if elected

He’s barely turned up

2. He flatly denied he’s was planning to resign

Weeks later he quits

Please forgive me for being cynical

On hearing the news of the resignation Mr Waters tweeted “And he called me ‘grubby’ for asking if he was planning to stand down We now know he was lying, and went out of his way to maintain his deception.”

Mr Gill responded to some of the earlier tweets by Lee Waters by tweeting, “Lee, you’re more than welcome to take a look at my office or through the glass – all my personal stuff still there! I take it nothing interesting happening in Cardiff Bay this week!”

If nothing else it puts and end to the speculation of will he or won’t he but questions still remain regarding the motives behind the decision. It will certainly give the Assembly plenty of material for their first meeting of 2018.

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