UKIP Wales leader supports Macmillan’s ‘world’s biggest’ coffee morning

UKIP Wales leader supports Macmillan’s ‘world’s biggest’ coffee morning

NEIL Hamilton, UKIP Leader in Wales and AM for Mid & West Wales, was helping Macmillan Cancer Support to promote the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, which is the charity’s flagship fundraising event.

It is the 28th year of Coffee Morning and Neil Hamilton enjoyed a cuppa and a cupcake at the awareness event at the Oriel in the Senedd in Cardiff Bay.

Bronwen, Macmillan’s cancer information and support bus which was designed especially for Wales was also parked outside Pierhead, adjacent to the Assembly.

AMs helped Macmillan celebrate the first birthday of the bus which reached over 37,000 people in communities all over Wales in 2017.

Speaking about supporting the charity event, the AM for Mid & West Wales, said:

“World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is a fantastic fundraising event that takes place in homes, schools and workplaces throughout Wales.  It’s a delightful social event and a fantastic way for people to get together, share a slice of cake and a cuppa and raise some money for charity.

“We know that one if three of us will get cancer. Each year in Wales 19,000 people receive the devastating news that they have cancer. Cancer can affect every aspect of a person’s life, from their day-to-day living and relationships to their finances and mental health.

He added, “Sadly, this dreadful disease will affect the lives of many family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.  Macmillan Nurses, with their calm professionalism and reassuring presence, make all the difference for many of those affected.    Christine and I were pleased to support, yet again, the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning and Macmillan Cancer Support.”

Richard Pugh, Head of Services for Macmillan Cancer Support in Wales, commented: “It’s great to see Assembly Members supporting Macmillan in Wales and we’d like to thank Neil Hamilton for his support.

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“With the number of people living with cancer in Wales expected to reach around 240,000 by 2030, demand for Macmillan’s services is constantly growing, but we rely on the generosity of the public to provide this support.

“Last year in Wales, we raised just over £1.2 million pounds which just shows what a wonderful, generous nation we are in Wales. We’re hoping to equal if not beat that fabulous total this year.”

“We’re really pleased that Bronwen our information and support bus was parked outside the Pierhead Building. It was a great opportunity for AMs to explore the bus which has been designed specifically for Wales. Bronwen makes such a positive impact on the communities she visits. We’re immensely proud of Bronwen and her team and look forward to continuing to build on her success.

To sign up to host a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning call 0300 1000 200 or you would like to find a coffee morning in your area please visit

For information or support relating to cancer, call Macmillan’s Support Line on 0808 808 00 00 (8am to 8pm Monday to Friday) or visit

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