8th August 2022

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UKIP Wales accuse Welsh Labour of scuppering Brexit

UKIP Wales have criticised Welsh Labour for what it calls their attempt to ‘scupper’ Brexit.

A UKIP Wales spokesperson issued the following statement:

“Calls by Geraint Davies MP Swansea West for a second Brexit referendum in order to “reverse Article 50” are yet another example of the Welsh Labour establishment attempting to scupper Brexit.

“Welsh Labour Leader Carwyn Jones has said that he respects the result of the referendum, yet he has attempted to undermine the process at every opportunity. Now it is the turn of a Welsh Labour MP to muddy the waters by introducing this bill.

“Theresa May’s pathetic ‘negotiation’ with the EU is causing hard core Remainers to come out in confidence. They are behaving like the EU; the people gave the ‘wrong’ answer in the referendum, so they’ll keep asking the question until we get it ‘right’.

“The will of the British people was settled at the referendum. No ifs, no buts, we are leaving!”

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