Thursday, December 8, 2022
UKIP AM highlights pesticide disposal scheme for farmers

UKIP AM highlights pesticide disposal scheme for farmers

NEIL Hamilton, AM for Mid & West Wales and Leader of UKIP Wales, is urging farmers to sign up for a free and confidential scheme to dispose of pesticides.

Mr Hamilton, a member of the Senedd’s Environment and Rural Affairs committee is supporting an initiative run by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water as part of a PestSmart project.

The project encourages people across Wales to consider ‘smarter’ ways of weed, pest and disease control which does not impact on the public, water or wildlife.

As part of the scheme, Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, is working with farmers, growers, landowners and gardeners across Wales, to help people and communities to consider the way they manage their land to help safeguard raw water quality

Mr Hamilton said:

“I welcome any environmental initiative which encourages farmers and those who work on the land safely to control their pesticides and chemicals. Dwr Cymru Welsh Water deserve congratulations for this initiative.

“As a matter of course, most farms will have chemicals on site as they are a necessary and essential part of everyday life in the agricultural community. However, it is important to ensure they are disposed of correctly.

“If you register, professional users will safely and confidentially dispose of unwanted, out-of-date or now unlicensed pesticides and other chemicals.

“It is an excellent idea and I urge farmers and anyone else who is eligible, to make sure they take advantage of this free and confidential pesticide disposal scheme.”

The scheme, which is also backed by the Farmers’ Union of Wales, opens for registration on Wednesday August 14 until 5pm on Monday September 30.

FUW Policy Officer Bernard Griffiths said pesticides if stored or disposed of incorrectly can have a devastating impact on people, water and wildlife.

He said: “If you find that you have out of date or now unlicensed products on farm, which can be difficult or expensive to dispose of correctly, then we would urge you to register for this scheme.”

This free and confidential scheme across Wales, aims to reduce the risk of pollution and safeguard raw water quality before it reaches Dwr Cymru Welsh Water treatment works.

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