Saturday, November 26, 2022
Two Officers and a Special Constable commended for brave and calm actions

Two Officers and a Special Constable commended for brave and calm actions

TWO police officers and a Special Constable have received commendations for their bravery and focus shown when dealing with a violent man in Aberystwyth.

PC James Crabb, PC Simon Herron, PC Luke Taylor and SC Haydn Bradley-Davies were called to the home address of a violent man, who had already assaulted another man outside.

The man confronted the officers and advanced on them with a large ‘Khurkuri’ style military knife.  He repeatedly threatened to attack any officer who approached him, holding the knife in an aggressive manner.

They used excellent communication and conflict resolution skills to resolve an issue that could have resulted in serious harm to all concerned.

Officers also displayed a high level of professionalism by consoling and supporting the male who had earlier threatened them.

The incident was widely reported in the local media and the Crown Court Judge also commented upon their actions.

SC Haydn Bradley-Davies said: “It was a great honour to be presented with a commendation by the Chief Constable for my involvement in the incident which took place in Ponterwyd.

“The incident the team dealt with was challenging and was luckily resolved without injury to either party.

“I felt at the time, as I do now, that this was wholly due to the quick-thinking and empathetic actions displayed by police officers that night.”

Chief Constable Mark Collins said: “These officers are commended for their extreme bravery by remaining calm and focused, with particular mention to our Special Constable Hayden Bradley-Davies, who assists our officers on a voluntary basis, giving up his own time to help safeguard our communities.

“The Commendations and Certificates of Appreciation recognise the hard work and dedication of police officers, Police Community Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables, Police Staff and members of the public across the force area in protecting the public and safeguarding our communities.”

The Dyfed-Powys Police commendations and presentation ceremony was held at Police Headquarters on Friday, January 25.

The officers, staff and members of the public awarded at the ceremony were recognised for bravery, professionalism and a commitment to duty.

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