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Twmpath brings Pontyates Welfare Hall to life

Twmpath brings Pontyates Welfare Hall to life

PONTYATES Welfare Hall was alive to the sound of Welsh music this evening, Saturday, (Jul 14) a families gathered to take part in a Twmpath. Earlier in the day there were two treasure hunts. One for young children and one for adults. Both trails took in the beautiful Gwendraeth Valley and made use of some of the historic features for clues.

Following the return to the hall the treasure hunters were treated to food and drink. This was yet another great family event masterminded by the Pontyates Hall Committee.

The very young and dare we say the gracefully old took to the wooden floor in the hall to dance to the calls, which involved traditional Welsh dances and Welsh music provided by the very talented local family group ‘Mansant’.

There was even more food and drink afterwards. Hot dogs, filled potato skins and onion rings all washed down with either tea or squash.

Attending events like this should be a major part of Welsh community life but unfortunately the celebration of Welsh culture is diminishing in many communities. The hall committee are trying their best to regenerate an interest in local history, culture and customs.

Today’s events showed that it can be done and done well. The old saying is, ‘If you build they will come’ and they did.

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More events are planned for the hall in the months to come during the hall’s 80th year in existence.

Pontyates Twmpath from Llanelli Online on Vimeo.

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