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Trust develops innovative equality training

Trust develops innovative equality training

A trust set up to deal with discriminations in all forms whether at work or in society develops innovative equality training to support organisations and individuals.

Employees are known to be more productive and happier within the workplace where their environment respects a diverse workforce and all needs are met. Most organisations whether in the private or third sector, large or small are aware of the legislation toward employees however, age discrimination, maternity and paternity rights, as well as the pay gap and workplace bullying still need to be addressed. These, along with discrimination whether on grounds of race, disability, age, gender and so forth need to be fully adhered to and endorsed by all senior staff and management, or individuals and their continuous personal development to provide a positive structure and fairness in a company’s policies and procedures. Therefore, carrying out obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and to be able to deliver appropriate action to combat barriers to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Kidwelly based Olive Trust was set up in 2011 to deal with discrimination in all forms whether at work or in our environment, completed many projects including funding from the Local Health board for inclusion for diabetes patients in Kidwelly, they are now adapting their services to change with the times and have created an innovative online equality training as part of their services.

The Chair, Ex Lord Mayor of Swansea, Alan Lloyd and CEO Denise Kingsley have been working on a new business strategy for the Trust in order to generate an income stream that will also lead to new community projects in the area.

Alan explained “The change to the business is part of the strategy and business plan for the foreseeable future that should lead to paid positions.”

Denise added, “These are exciting times. We have been developing the Trust to have a business arm in order to grow and change and develop new opportunities for the Trust. Managing equality and diversity in the work environment constitutes good management and aligns itself to a robust business strategy. In other words, it is good for business. We are developing new strategies for public service providers, third sector organisations, private sector or individual, small business owners to comply with legislation around equality in the workplace including our new online equality and diversity course named, Olive Equality Training 180. Equality in the heart of West Wales is what we do, although we cover all of Wales with our online course in Welsh and English.”

The innovative online course allows, senior managers or individuals to study at their own pace online in English or Welsh and will cover the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion and how to recognise and act on workplace inequality and discrimination. It is structured in a modular fashion that will enable an employee to study in a way that will increase understanding and awareness of the Equality Act. The bite-sized nature will allow this to be picked up in as little as four weeks or as long as eight weeks. The course allows managers to have a far better understanding of the nuances that comes with the legislation. Employers will have the peace of mind to know they are taking a course, that has been uniquely, designed with specialists in the field. Olive Training 180 also provide a personal input alongside the training to meet objectives.

Olive Training 180 also provide a service for people to contact if they feel they have been unfairly discriminated against or treated unequally whether at work or in wider society. You can get in touch via


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