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Trimsaran’s Mari Arthur is Llanelli’s Future

Trimsaran’s Mari Arthur is Llanelli’s Future

Mari Arthur is the Plaid Cymru candidate for Llanelli for the General Election on Thursday 8 June. Born and bred in Trimsaran, Plaid Cymru insists Mari Arthur has the drive, the business links, and passion to make Brexit work for Llanelli. She spent the first 27 years of her life living and working in and around Llanelli.

Deris Williams, her agent and former director of Menter Cwm Gwendraeth Elli, says: “Mari has packed so much into her life. She’s an inspiration! And certainly not shy of hard work, which explains why she’s the perfect candidate for transforming Llanelli. She has an excellent track record in business and national policy making, but more than anything she’s a Llanelli girl.

“After leaving Graig Comprehensive she worked as one of the few, if only, female panel beaters in Wales, as well as a leech farmer, in Hendy’s Biopharm Leeches Ltd. Mari paid her way throughout her studies at Trinity College and Aberystwyth University, and left without a penny of debt. She has a Masters in English and Welsh Literature, and count Dylan Thomas and RS Thomas among her favourite poets.

Her work ethic is unrivalled. For the past decade, Mari has worked with Welsh Government and the National Assembly, travelling extensively and representing Wales in China, Russia and the Middle East. In addition, she’s established two limited companies, has her own marketing consultancy and is the Director of Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, the leading sustainable development charity in Wales.”

Mari Arthur says: “I’m absolutely committed to putting Llanelli on the map. It breaks my heart that Llanelli, after almost 100 years of Labour MPs, continues to be in decline. Change is needed, and I believe I have the entrepreneurial skills, experience and fresh ideas to turn things around for Llanelli. Brexit also means change. And I want Llanelli to make the most of the opportunities that this change will bring.”

Mari’s Key Issues – Town Centre

Supporting town centre businesses
During her election campaign, Mari has brought together local businesses and charities in a business breakfast, sponsored by Enterprise Rent-a-Car, to discuss how we can best support the town centre’s businesses. Plaid Cymru wants to give small businesses a much-needed boost across Llanelli. Mari herself wants to overhaul business rates: “As a businesswoman, I know that small businesses are the backbone of the local economy. Plaid Cymru’s plans to boost the economy and support businesses could transform Llanelli’s economy.”


Making Brexit work for Llanelli

Llanelli needs a strong voice as we enter Brexit and a new world order. Whether you voted to leave or remain in the EU referendum last year, Mari is committed to making Brexit work for Llanelli: “My background of linking businesses in Wales and China, as well as other countries, will offer new economic opportunities as we leave the EU. We need to protect the trade links we currently have as we don’t want to lose ONE job as a result of Brexit, or ONE penny of the £680m worth of European funds currently coming to Wales.”

Mari says: “We have an opportunity here to look at the wider world and build on links I have established over the last 10 years. Labour is too weak and divided to stand up for us and the Llanelli MP’s voting record for Wales is disappointing. It certainly does not give me faith that she would turn up to vote on the important issues for us. She has voted 13 times to devolve more powers to Scotland, but only six times to devolve more powers to Wales. We need someone to put Wales first, to put Llanelli first.”


GP Surgery Closure

Following several GP surgery closures, including Harbour View Surgery in Burry Port this summer, Mari says: “What is clear is that the Labour government needs to plan its local health services far better. The Labour Government has a duty to provide GP services for people in their home towns, and with almost a quarter of GPs in Wales approaching retirement age, Labour should be preparing to recruit new doctors. Labour should not have been caught out like this.” Plaid Cymru’s fully costed action plan includes recruiting 1,000 extra doctors and 5,000 nurses, focusing on more care in the community, and brining long-term solutions to the current crisis faced by many communities around Wales.

Parc Howard

Keeping Parc Howard in public ownership
Parc Howard’s future became unstable when it was put on the Asset Transfer List by the Labour-led Carmarthenshire Council some time ago. When Plaid Cymru took control, just two years ago, it promised to keep this Llanelli institution in public ownership. Mari says: “To my mind, Parc Howard is the jewel in Llanelli’s crown. I’ve always loved it and always will. But we need to make it financially sustainable. The Plaid Cymru led council has already invested £150,000 into the Parc, reopening the café, finding new investors for a brand new wedding/events venue and opening two exciting new play areas.” Without Plaid’s intervention it would have been sold off completely, under Labour plans.


A Strong Voice for Llanelli in Westminster

After almost a century of Labour MPs in Llanelli, voting the same way – over and over again – has not brought any benefits to the area. A repeated Labour government in the National Assembly for Wales has also led to widespread decline and disenchantment with the establishment. Only Plaid Cymru will hold the Conservative party to account in Westminster. Plaid Cymru is the only party that will not let the Conservatives forget their promises to the people of Wales or ride roughshod over our future, here in Llanelli. A strong Plaid Cymru team in Westminster is the future: we shall defend Wales, defend our economy and defend our people. Vote Plaid Cymru. Vote Mari Arthur on 8 June.

Hyrwyddwyd gan/Promoted by Deris Williams, Ty Bres Rd, Llanelli, SA15 1UA

Ar ran/ on behalf of Mari Arthur, Ty Bres Rd, Llanelli, SA15 1UA

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