Sunday, May 28, 2023
Town’s Youth Recognised By Mayor

Town’s Youth Recognised By Mayor

Llanelli Life Savers

Young people from the Llanelli Lifesavers and Sanshirokwai Dojo were invited to the Mayor’s Parlour on Monday (Mar 20). In his role as mayor County Councillor Bill Thomas has opened the doors of the Old Vicarage for numerous clubs from the town and his aim is he says, very simple. Councillor Thomas said:

I want to celebrate the success of these young people and provide a place albeit for one evening where they can get together to network and learn from each other. The town gets a lot of bad press but there is a huge amount of great work going on in the community and it is usually young people and volunteers within these clubs who are the silent majority. During my term as mayor I wanted to invite as many as I could here. Many of them have never been to the town Council HQ. I am also encouraging them all to apply for funding via the Town Council.

Members of the Sanshirokwai Dojo

You can see some of the videos Llanelli Online made of the event on our Facebook page


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