Saturday, February 4, 2023
Town Councillor seeks questions for Transport for Wales

Town Councillor seeks questions for Transport for Wales

Room for improvement: Llanelli train station

LLANELLI Town Councillor Sean Rees is to meet with Transport For Wales in call for further improvements.

Cllr Rees said: “This Friday, I will be meeting with representatives from the new rail franchise for Wales. I would like to hear from residents to put their questions to Transport For Wales.

“It is insulting that rail fares continue to increase while at the same time we often have to cope with delays, overcrowded carriages and unacceptable conditions at our stations.

“Residents in our area do not just want to see their elected representatives sitting behind tables, it goes beyond that. Our community campaign has already proved that when we are proactive in identifying necessary improvements, we can bring about change.

“I welcome the efforts of organisations who are drawing up some visual improvement plans including looking to upgrade the garden opposite the Coffee Pot.

“Our community-led campaign will concentrate on this work further by continuing to focus on calling for service and infrastructure improvements.

“The recent refurbishment has seen the upgrading of toilet facilities and new waiting rooms on both platforms. Although these facilities need to now be open for longer and more suitable periods of time ideally for 24/7. There also needs to be a greater frequency of services for West Wales as currently the further west you go on the rail network, the worse it gets.

“The new franchise now has a golden opportunity to restore public confidence in their ability to provide the reliable and improved services as outlined in their franchise bid. At the heart of that must be ambition, vision and community engagement.”

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