Friday, January 27, 2023
Town council commit to pool checks after repeated glass shard incidents in People’s Park

Town council commit to pool checks after repeated glass shard incidents in People’s Park

LLANELLI Town council have committed to doing more thorough checks of the paddling pools in Parc Howard and Crown Park, following another incident and injuries involving glass shards in People’s Park paddling pool on Wednesday (Jul 25).

The pool has had to close for a second time, this time indefinitely. However, the council have committed to investigating further and pursuing preventative measures for People’s Park and other paddling pools in Llanelli.

A spokesperson for the Town Council said:

“Although the pool was checked thoroughly that morning, there appears to have been some glass in the pool on Tuesday, which may have led to some children having cut feet or hands.

“Additional staff were in place Wednesday and Thursday to carry out extensive inspection of the pool and surrounds to ensure on filling on Wednesday and Thursday this was not the case.

“However, we are aware that unfortunately some children were again injured on Thursday. The decision was therefore taken to close the pool until further notice. We have contacted families affected yesterday to clarify the background to their incidents so can not be certain if they were related to glass or other factors.

“It may be the case that small pieces of glass are inadvertently being carried into the pool from the surrounding areas on shoes etc. As a result we are carrying out additional litter picking around the park. Further investigations will be undertaken today.

“In light of reports of some shards of glass being painted blue, the council have said that they take the matter “very seriously” and have affirmed that the attendants in other parks have been instructed to take “additional time and care with their checks at both Parc Howard and Crown Park” to prevent further injuries.

“We apologise to all the affected children and parents/guardians for this.”

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