Friday, June 9, 2023
Tinopolis For Sale

Tinopolis For Sale

THE media company  Tinopolis  is believed to be up for sale with an estimated price tag of up to £300m. The international media company, which produces programmes such as Question Time also owns sports production business Sunset + Vine and is the UK’s last remaining truly independent TV producer.

The Guardian newspaper reports that Tinopolis is understood to have circulated a memorandum to a number of media owners and private equity companies that says the firm is considering a range of options, including a sale of the company.

It is believed that profits for the company top £25m, which means that it could look for a sale price at ten times its earnings. That would be an estimated sale price of £300m.  It is understood that first-round bids by interested parties are due to be lodged imminently.

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