Friday, June 9, 2023

Three Cheers For Gary Singh

It is not often that you walk into a shop and come out better off. That is exactly what happened to Llanelli Online when we visited Phonespace Mobile and Laptop Repairs on Friday (Mar 31). It was a chance visit as we were looking for internet access having found it difficult to access the free wifi in the town despite numerous efforts.

Gary Singh is always at the front desk of his shop and always smiles and says hello as we pass. Some of the gadgets we use have been purchased in his shop. On asking Gary why it was that we were struggling to get online he gave the iPhone a once over. I have never seen Gary angry but something appeared to upset him.

The problem you have he said is that you are being charged a small fortune for very little by your service provider. You are on a tariff, which is basically robbing you blind. No data, limited text and limited calls for £30. You should be having far more for your money he said, including a new phone.

A few minutes later and we were on the blower to Three. I offered Gary the phone to speak on my behalf and boy did he speak. By the time he had finished we had a new iPhone, loads of data, unlimited text and calls and a reduction in the monthly fee.

Llanelli Online cannot recommend Gary highly enough. Every time we have been in to buy something or enquire abut technical issues he has come to the rescue. We now await the new ‘gold’ iPhone and we will be visiting Gary to stock up on screen protectors, a new case and no doubt a host of other mobile phone goodies from his shop.

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