Sunday, June 4, 2023
There’s a politician at the door

There’s a politician at the door

There we were putting coal on the fire at Llanelli Online HQ when who should knock the door but a politician. Not just any politician. This was a young whippersnapper with jeans, daps and bomber jacket. The silhouette of the hand holding a leaflet gave it away and we suspected that he had already spotted that we were in from the black toxic smoke bellowing out of our chimney. This is mining country and proud of it we are too. We had a split second to formulate our attack and we were armed and ready with the poker just in case  we got any back chat and fancy replies to our questions.

We had read about this young rapscallion on some local blogs about the Free Wales Army and a campaign to ensconce Emlyn Dole as the new Prince of Wales by some writer by the name of knifeor and Jackupthenorth. We were wary of opening the door to say the least having read such allegedly unbiased wordage relating to this candidate from Kidwelly standing, ‘how dare he’ in a ward no more than a lickspittle away in Llangyndeyrn. That is farming country and proud of it they are too.

The figure at the door turned out to be Siôn Davies and he was not without ideas. He claims to be young, enthusiastic, something new and a breath of fresh air for Llangyndeyrn. He lists his priorities as follows:
1. Will hold regular surgeries.
2. Will fight for resident’s interests
3. Will promote the community’s needs
4. Will be open and accessible
5. Support and encourage initiatives and groups that will further improve our area, including supporting local small businesses.
6. Push for improvements to transport, including the frequency and quality of bus services.
7. Clean up our streets by increasing the amount of dog waste bins and bags available. Labour in power will increase the street cleansing budget by £250,000
8. Work with residents on traffic issues, including safe routes, prioritising crossings and pavement issues.

Here at Chez Llanelli Online which doubles as a small business improvement centre and bus service for four children and two grannies we say Hallelujah to that but we would add that we need shared office space, a community shop where people can sell local produce on a weekly basis. We would gladly take the £250,000 for improving the play areas for children and funding community activities for families.


PREVIOUSLY on ‘The Candidate’ we caught sight of veteran campaigner and fantabulous purveyor of bacon and sausages Tyssul Evans (no relation) walking the hard yards up and down Heol Y Meinciau, a place usually the reserve of Columbian cyclists preparing for Le Tour. His leaflet was delivered with aplomb through Chez Llanelli Online’s door and we must admit, we have read it more than the Bill Bryson novels at the bedside. Tyssul promises us that he will continue to improve our community if elected. He was first elected in 1999 and has held the seat ever since. That alone is no mean feat. There isn’t much that Tyssul is not a chair of as well as being organiser of the local produce market and whist drives,

He lists the following as visions for the future:
1 Supporting local businesses in order to safeguard jobs.
2 Continue to work to attract small businesses to the community.
3 Help where opportunities arise to create new jobs for young people in the area.
4 Ensure care provision is available locally for the elderly and children and young people.
5 Maintain regular liaison with the police and the local fire brigade to keep our community safe.
6 Continue to improve the quality of housing, highways and the standard of education.
7 Work to improve connectivity in mobile phone signals and broadband.

Here at Llanelli Online, which doubles as a children’s home and small business hub and care centre for elderly relatives, where we use a range of coat hangers to get online, we say Hallelujah to that if it can be done. We would add that a children’s adventure playground is also essential as is a speed camera near the school.

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