‘The world is never on hold’

Thought for the week: Reverend David Jones

IT’S the time of year when the ‘nip’ of winter is in the air and with the falling leaves and the shortening days we are reminded that summer is well and truly over for another year.

Before too long the clocks will be turned back and winter really will begin.

A sunset which I saw on the coastal park as I walked the dog recently was breath-taking in its beauty.

That some joggers were still braving the cold in their shorts and vests while others were well wrapped up added to the transition between the last days of summer and the winter that is soon to come. Some lovely sunny days in recent days gave the impression of the height of summer but temperatures are dropping and autumn is in the air.

The uniqueness of the changing seasons declare to us that this world is never on hold. This adds to the wonder of creation and the amazing faithfulness of God in sustaining all that is and all that will be. It is in the beauty of such an evening, the vastness of the skies, the autumn glow in the falling leaves and the calm of the sea that we see God’s creative glory.

Then again as far as space exploration is concerned there have been recent pronouncements of telescopic power enabling scientists to see even deeper into the vastness of our universe and even beyond with 300 billion stars at the latest count and the likelihood of many more.

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Can we then even comprehend infinity or even more so the God who Christians believe created all that there is and ever will be?

The question we may then ask is – does God really care for us, so small and seemly insignificant in the great expanse of the universe? The Psalmist asked that very same question ‘What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?

Insignificant as we may seem in the vastness and mystery of the universe and yet Jesus said that God does cares and that behind this whole creation is a Father’s heart of love.

Immortal, invisible and yet ever near to those who call upon him – the greatest discovery of all.

Reverend David Jones