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The long green grass of home

The long green grass of home

A number of residents contacted Llanelli Online to voice their concerns over the state of the Llanerch playing fields.

One local resident said: “Now that the Football World Cup has gotten underway, any small children who would like to kick a ball on the grass in Llanerch Playing Field are not able to do so because of the very overgrown state it is in.

“The council have cut the grass everywhere in Llanerch except for the Llanerch Playing Field which I believe has been done deliberately.

“I feel that they are trying to force the community not to use it. The grass is so long that when I went there yesterday anybody in the field is half hidden and you can hardly see any dogs that they are walking.

“This leads me to another health hazard – not being able to see dog mess or possible snakes in the grass, or broken glass.

“The council are not being very public spirited or health or safety minded. If someone, especially a child, was to be taken ill while on the field – collapse, have a fit or fall, they would not be seen because the grass is so long.

“While there is a dispute over the application for building Dewi Sant on there then it should not make a difference to the maintenance of the area, after all the public and local community are paying their council tax for the grass to be cut.”

Heather Peters said: “The grass on Llanerch has not been cut for weeks which is unfair on the residents children who wish to use it.

Donna Callender said: “It’s in a hell of a mess. It is shame-full that the council don’t give a hoot about the field.”

County Councillor for Lliedi Rob James said: “I have contacted Carmarthenshire Council concerning the state of Llanerch fields and asked that they maintain the land to the standard expected by local residents.

“I understand that the Council have a planning application in the system currently to develop this area for a new school, yet the Council should not presume that planning consent will be given.

“Until any decision is made by the Planning Committee on the Council’s proposals, the Council needs to respect that the people of Llanelli use this precious green space and that it should be maintained to enable the use of it.

“I wouldn’t like to think that the Plaid-led Council are intentionally leaving this area go unmaintained.”

Cut grass in Llanerch (September 2017)

We contacted Carmarthenshire County Council and asked them:

Why has the grass been left to grow to such an unmanageable height?
Do the Council have any intentions of cutting the grass in the near future?
If yes, when would that be?

In answer to our questions, the Council said: “This season has only just got underway and the grass is due to be cut this week.”

On Tuesday (June 12) Carmarthenshire County Council announced that their annual grass cutting was underway. With over 6,000km of grass verges adjacent to the main highways in the rural and inter urban areas being cut in Carmarthenshire.

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