22nd January 2022

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The law on antique firearms is changing

THE law on antique firearms is changing. From 22 March 2021 some firearms previously regarded as antique, and therefore exempt from control, no longer qualify as such and must now be licensed. Owners of these firearms must act by midnight on 21 September 2021 to licence them or lawfully dispose of them.

Section 58 of the Firearms Act 1968 and the Antique Firearms Regulations 2021 set out in law which firearms can be regarded as antique, and therefore exempt from licensing.

Following their use in crime, seven cartridges which previously required no licencing, will now need to be licenced under the changed law. These cartridges are:

• .320 British (also known as .320 Revolver CF, short or long)
• .41 Colt (short or long)
• .44 Smith and Wesson Russian
• .442 Revolver (also known as .44 Webley)
• 9.4mm Dutch Revolver
• 10.6mm German Ordnance Revolver
• 11mm French Ordnance Revolver M1873 (Army)

There will be a transition period until 23:59 on 21st September 2021 during which owners of such firearms can decide what they wish to do with them.
If you own or know somebody that owns any of the outlined firearms, then please head to the UK Government Website for more information on what to do next.

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