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Thank you for the sympathy over air quality

Thank you for the sympathy over air quality

The Proposed bypass route

Ray Jones has written in with his take on a recent article in the Llanelli Star. Ray writes:

“In response, may I on behalf of the residents thank the Cycle Forum for their “huge sympathy with the residents over air quality”

“A sentiment which I no doubt is sincerely expressed, however sympathy doesn’t stop us all including our children from developing respiratory diseases, including Asthma, or Cancers through constant exposure through breathing “particulate matters” from NO2 and PM10, PM5 and PM2.5, or being a statistic as one of the 400,000 European Citizens who die each year prematurely.

“The Forum Chairman states “since the1970’s many by-passed streets have quickly returned to pre-bypass levels” he offers no evidence, however should this be the case, if say a 50% or more reduction in Sandy Road’s traffic taken up by the bypass were not to happen, are we looking at a similar amount of increase on top of the traffic flows there already, what bedlam then, it is not purely pollution, it is RTA’s with pedestrian fatalities, many cyclists use the roads in double files, and many endanger our residents by using our pavements, which is illegal.

It is claimed that the “Millennium Coastal Path has a number of environmental protections” he offers no evidence, if so wouldn’t the suggestion later in the article to use “parts of the Water Park roadway and some limited new roadway could be used” the Chairman recalls “that a similar scheme was used during the 2000 National Eisteddfod” but wouldn’t that be contrary to these “protections”

As I recall vividly this scheme saw buses and the like use the actual cycle network from the Festival Fields to the B4304 trunk road, that is exactly 200 yards shorter than the bypass which would impinge on the cycle network by only 100 yards and be restored with two steel bridges, where would the bus stops be, would people walk great distances to use the service, what would the elderly and invalid folk think about that, then who pays for it all ?

Surely the forum’s are not suggesting a one way system in the area by travelling west to Pwll down Sandpiper Road and east towards town via Sandy Road, less pollution on Sandy Road by 50%, that option I would not support.

The bypass as I have constantly stated would enter from the Seaside B4304 road, between the cycle bridge and the Old Castle Works site, go west to the first car park, south to the railway line and follow the railway line to the Festival Fields, coming out at the Patio Centre, the two bridges would ensure no contact with the traffic or pedestrians.

This bypass would be nowhere near Pwll Pavilion, Burry Port Harbour or the RNLI which I support each month, then reference to the Pembrey Park Caravan site the majority that frequent the site use motorised vehicles with cycles racks.

The suggestion that an eastern exit via Stradey Park Avenue or the Caravan site on Sandy Bridges  for both the Stradey Park Development and Ysgol Ffwrnes is frowned up, the cycle path has priority over hundreds of people in an area where catastrophic development of all sorts, houses, schools and retail outlets have been forced upon us, and all avenues to ease this disaster are blocked.

Therefore, we will have to be good boys while the powers that be potter about with sticking plaster ideas, knowing full well they won’t work, i.e. new rail and bus services, electric cars, cycle to work, children walking miles to school breathing filthy air because of large catchment areas.

Oh and the best of all – No Money, even though the Assembly are funding road infrastructure projects all over Wales, our own council are working on roads in West Carmarthen, Cross Hand Link Road, Ti-y-Dail and Ammanford Distributor enhancement projects but our A.M. who does not believe in bypasses is working on getting the college and schools to car share and operate staggered starting times, sorry if I am distorting anything here, so explain it to me, like Spain, siesta time in the afternoon and back to school in the evening, more traffic ?

As I said at the start, we do not want or need any sympathy from anywhere, we need action, the council created this mess, they know the only answer is, but refuse to even talk about it, carry on suffering motorists, pollution is just as deadly inside your vehicles as it is outside.

Sincerely, Ray Jones

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