Sunday, January 29, 2023
Thank goodness for good driving instructors

Thank goodness for good driving instructors

Dear Editor, I enjoyed your posts on Comic Heroes Day in Llanelli. We all really enjoyed as a family.

I was wondering if a post could be produced on cyclists with no safety gear and people walking in traffic with headphones on, paying no attention to their safety.

I’ve had a number of people of all ages step out without looking. even in busy areas like Trostre and Llanelli. Thank goodness I’ve been taught by a good driving instructor and remember the safety rules but its been a few scary misses.

I’ve even seen people in other cars beeping because they’ve had a fright and they’re totally oblivious to anything.

I  know that pedestrians have the right of way once on the road and where to give way. I always have but these near misses almost look deliberate.

I don’t want to hit anyone with my car but what if they walk out and an accident does happen? I don’t want to have to live with it. This really worries me and I don’t understand where peoples common sense is.

Please make people aware! keep up the good wrk.


Iona Stephens

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