Madge’s cart before the horse response

Dear Editor, Just read Councillor Kevin Madge’s “Cart before the Horse” response to the North Dock Development, a brilliant politician’s comment knowing nothing concrete will happen, the land was cleared over a year ago at the Pontrillias site and a “Level Crossing” over the main railway line has also been Continue Reading

Llanelli’s MP talks steel, policing, motorhomes, buses and the ‘Berlin’ wall

IT is always difficult scheduling an interview with a politician and especially difficult if that politician is as busy as Llanelli’s Nia Griffith MP. A number of issues raised in Parliament relate to our town and sometimes, we just need to be sure that the people we elect to represent Continue Reading

Plans for 210 houses and flats at North Dock approved

PLANS for up to 210 houses and flats at Llanelli’s North Dock have been approved, but only on the proviso that road improvements are carried out nearby. Carmarthenshire Council’s planning committee inserted the road improvement condition, and then approved the outline application for the housing development. Highways officers said the Continue Reading

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