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Swansea welcomes first Bi Pride event

Swansea welcomes first Bi Pride event

UPDATED March 19: In light of the Coronavirus pandemic the event has been postponed.

In terms of our London Bi Pride event in September, we are monitoring the impact of the government’s guidance and will make a decision as to whether we are going ahead with this.

We will continue to support our community through our digital, social and virtual channels and will be increasing our focus on this in the near future.

Pride UK have decided to give Wales that bi boost of positivity and celebration, that it deserves, by teaming up with Bi Cymru to launch their flagship Bi Pride Local event, and the 10th year anniversary of BiFest.

Following last year’s success of the first ever Bi Pride, “the biggest bi gathering in history”, Bi Pride UK concluded that events encouraging bi people to come together and celebrate their community, are essential. Bi people continue to feel uncomfortable during other LGBTQ+ prides. This is why the charity has decided to launch the first ever Bi Pride Local event, partnering with BiCymru’s BiFest, and are striving to make 2020 even bigger and even better for all individuals who fall under the bi umberella; bisexuals, biromantics, pansexuals, panromantics, polysexuals, polyromantics, homoflexibles, heteroflexibles and anyone else who experiences attraction beyond gender.

Abigail and Ele are two of the organiser’s behind the event. Abigail Kay, Bi Pride UK Chair, “I couldn’t be more excited about kicking off the first Bi Pride event of the year, in Wales. We’re honoured to be joining forces with Bi Cymru and celebrating a decade’s worth of BiFest celebrations, along with our very first Bi Pride Local event. I can’t wait to bring a wave of pink, purple, blue and yellow to Swansea!”

Ele Hicks, Bi Cymru, “We’re delighted to be working with Bi Pride UK to celebrate 10 years of BiFest Wales in May 2020. Bi Pride UK put on a great event last year and Bi Wales are excited to collaborate, to deliver a bigger, better, and free BiFest Wales/Bi Pride Local for our 10th anniversary event.”

A recent study showed that Wales is home to the largest number of bisexuals in the UK, with 8% stating they were attracted to more than one gender. It is surprising that, despite their large bi community, research by Stonewall shows that 3% of bisexual men in Wales had attempted to take their own life, and 34% of bisexual and lesbian women in Wales have experienced domestic abuse. HRC’s Foundation study of bisexual youths concluded that biphobia and sexual harassment affects bisexuals at a young age. 48% of bisexuals, who have accessed the UK’s national healthcare services, have experienced biphobic comments, and therefore two-thirds feel as though they must identify as straight, while 42% identify as gay, when receiving medical services.

Bi Pride Local/ BiCymru, will take place on Saturday 16th May at the YMCA in Swansea (1 The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5JQ). The whole event is set to run in two parts – a day and night event, with panels, talks, workshops, live music from bands and DJs, and a fully licensed bar with alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Speakers and performers will be announced as we draw closer to the event.

Visit BiCymru’s website for more information on the day event and night event.

Events organised by Bi Pride UK and Bi Cymru, aim to celebrate bi visibility, as all individuals who experience attraction beyond gender deserve to celebrate their identities proudly and unashamedly, free from ridicule. Bi Pride UK is asking for donations from bi people and allies, in order for their events to remain completely free. Individuals can donate via Bi Pride’s Crowdfunder page to give Wales, and future hosts, the spectacular bi celebration it deserves.

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