THE chairwoman of Swansea Bay University Health Board said she and her colleagues were “gutted” that chief executive Tracy Myhill was standing down.

Emma Wollett said she understood and supported Mrs Myhill’s decision and was grateful she had given plenty of notice.

Speaking at a board meeting on July 30, she said: “We are all, of course, gutted that Tracy is going to leave us.

“Her impact has been immense. But I am aware of what she has had to contend within the last 18 months.”

She said she would do her best to find a worthy replacement.

Mrs Myhill recently announcement her earlier-than-planned retirement for the end of December, citing “challenging and traumatic events to my family and me”.

The former Welsh Ambulance Service Trust chief executive took up the role in February 2018.

Speaking at the board meeting, Moyo Makuto, chief officer of Swansea Bay Community Health Council – a patient watchdog – said she would miss Mrs Myhill’s leadership and openness.

“We certainly feel there has been a shift in how we feel our voice is valued,” she said.

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Mrs Myhill thanked the duo for their thoughts but pointed out she wasn’t going quite yet.

She said it had been a difficult decision but that it was the right one.

“It has been a bit of a challenging time,” she said.

Speaking in 2019, Mrs Myhill reflected on her first full year as health board chief executive, saying how the complexity of the organisation had been an eye-opener, despite 35 years of service in the NHS.

She said: “We have two major responsibilities, I think, as an organisation – one is to improve the health of our population, the second is to provide excellent care for people who need it.

“When I came here, I think the majority of the focus was on healthcare delivery and not enough focus on helping people improve their health. So much is preventable.

“Health is not just about health services. In fact, the greatest contribution to health is having a job, good housing, strong neighbours and strong support.

“I want to make sure we focus on both, otherwise we won’t cope as people get older and live longer.”

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